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ACCESS - Transportation guide

In the Case of Coming by the Car

A route to the hotel

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  1. Drive along the highway towards Nasu, then drive down along Nasu interchange.
  2. After you pass the toll gate, turn right at the crossroad.
  3. Drive along 17th Highway (Nasu Road) straightly for 15 minutes.
  4. After you pass the crossroad by Ikkentyaya, drive 500m farther.
  5. When you see Nasu Goudou Taxi ., (the plate is a guide), turn left. Then you will reach Sunvalley of Nasu Honkan.

If you refer to the webpage with online map of Tochigi Prefecture, you can see the location in detail.

In the Case of Coming by Train

The Shinkansen

If you ride on Touhoku-Shinkansen, get down at the nearest station−Nasu-Shiobara Station.

An Existing Line

If you ride on Touhoku line Utunomiya line, get down at the nearest station−Kuroiso Station or Nasu-Shiobara Station.

An access method from the station to the hotel

Direction of the Nasushiobara station to coming

  • Free pick-up shuttle bus
  • Bus on a regular route
  • Taxi

Direction of the Kuroiso station to coming

  • Bus on a regular route
  • Taxi

The access method details

In the case of use of a free shuttle bus

Go out from the West Gate of the Nasu-Shiobara station,(the left exit out of ticket entrance)and set off for Sunvalley―You can ride on the return bus free of charge in Nasu.
You need to place an order for the return bus free of charge. You should propose the order when you transact the booking of hotels

Open Timetable

In the case of use of a taxi

If you get down at Nasu-Shiobara station, it will take you 30-40 minutes to get to the destination (the fare is 7000yen); and if you get down at Kuroiso Station, it will take you 20-30 minutes.(the fare is 5000yen)

In the case of use of a bus on a regular route

Please get on the bus to Nasu Ropeway at Nasu-Shiobara station or at Kuroiso station. Please get down at Shin-Nasu-Onsen station, which is the nearest station to Sunvalley―. It will take you only three minutes to get there. (Fare About 1,000 yen)