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Hotels and Restaurants


There are 44 types of spa, i.e. Yuyutengoku established behind our hotel on the open area with a size of 500 Tubo(one ping equals 3.3m2). The spa contains three minerals(sulfur,weak base and magnesium).Moreover,you can oversee the wide Kanto Plain as you enjoy Japanese-style and European-style buffet dinner in Skyhall at the top floor of our hotel.


We offer single rooms for the guests who work or travel alone. It is a good choice for the guests coming to Sunvalley Annex alone. There are assembly rooms on the first floor. When you stay at our hotel, you can make a speech, hold seminars or conferences here.

Forest Villa

We can offer you beautiful restaurants like cafes in Paris and fine swimming pool inside the court. This kind of villa-styled hotel is very popular with the female. You can also enjoy various kinds of entertainment, such as karaoke, pingpong, and game etc.

Oriental Garden

The architecture with roof and upright post enable the entry of sufficient sunshine and make you feel comfortable. Many curios are displayed along the aisle which leads to the guest rooms. Our hotel is equipped with Japanese-style bathtub made of Japan cypress and Banri resutaurant serve you with purely Chinese-style dishes, which can make you experience a kind of superiority in a foreign country.

Garden Sweet

You can enjoy the garden-like suite surrounded by sunshine and green in Nasu, melodious performance of organ coming from the church and reverberating in the sky of Nasu. Colorful decorative lights shining in the evening will also create a kind of romantic atmosphere.


Small wooden houses surrounded by the woods provide lodging for a single family. Inside there are 3-meter-high living rooms and various capacious rooms and specialized massage bathtub. In the capacious villa-like wooden house, you can spend your holiday leisurely and freely youfre your friends or family members.

Queen's Collina

The newest hotel in Sunvalley Nasu is Queens Collina. When you enter it, you will see a long stair at once, which makes you doubt whether you have come into a foreign mansion. In addition, the lights in jacinth shine in the hall and guest rooms, which enable you to enjoy what is different from other hotels. You can breathe salubrious air as you taste delicious Italian food at "Aria Deli".