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You can enjoy breakfast and supper in Skyhall, Banri restaurant and Mori no Table.
You can have Italian-style buffet lunch in Aria Deri or have lunch in the restaurant of Yu|Raku.


You can oversee the wide Kanto Plain as you enjoy buffet dinner in Skyhall on Floor Six of the Honkan. The dishes are mainly Japanese-style. There are also SUSI, TENPURA and buckwheat noodlesEEE The prepared Japanese-style and European-style dishes are offered in the form of buffet dinner. Whether children or the elderly can enjoy meals in the restaurant.


Mori no Table on Floor Two of Forest Villa is the restaurant in the four restaurants with the most dishes. Besides specially-made European-style dishes, there are Japanese-style dishes and Chinese-style dishes.
And there are many choices for you. Among the dishes, the desserts made before the eyes of the guests are very popular with female guests. Because the food is in the form of buffet dinner, you can choose to enjoy a little food to your heartfs content.


Banri restaurant of Oriental Garden employs the chefs who learn cooking from China.
The dishes served here are mainly purely Chinese-style dishes and Japanese-style buffet dinner.
We recommend single-room to a family or partners.