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Privacy Policy

Our principles about protection of private information

We fully recognize the importance of protecting private information and our responsibility to the customers' trust in us, and declare hereby that we will handle any private information in a strictly fair and proper way.

Compliance with laws and regulations

We will handle any private information appropriately and take proper steps for its security in compliance with the Law concerning the Protection of Private Information and other related laws and regulations, as well as the guidelines and directions given by competent authorities.

Education of employees

We carry out thoroughly the training and supervision of our employees to secure appropriate handling of private information.

Purposes of using private information

We will use private information obtained only within a range required for providing comfortable accommodations at the Hotel Sunvalley Nasu groups where our customers stay, as well as providing any useful services associated. More particularly, we will use the private information for the purposes listed below only:

Making arrangements
Confirming reservations, sending materials, shipping products, responding to queries, and making other arrangements.
Sending direct mail
Notice of events, cuisine fairs, accommodation packages, etc.
Other communication
Communication by E-mail, telephone and postal mail to customers as considered necessary.

If we intend to make a change in the purposes mentioned above, we will give notice to the person concerned in writing, or by other means. Alternatively, we will publish our intention on our web page.

Acquisition of private information

We will acquire private information only within the range required for the purpose of our business and by lawful and fair means.

Security measures for the private information

We have taken adequate measures for warranting the security of the private information, including development of the regulations and the implementation system for handling such information in a secured way to prevent any personal data we handle from being divulged, lost, or damaged, and otherwise to maintain its security, as well as proper measures for securing the correctness and knowledge of such information required for attaining the purposes of use mentioned above.

Disclosure of personal data to a third party

We will refrain from disclosing any personal data to a third party without obtaining prior consent from the person concerned except in the case when it is required by laws and regulations.

Handling of sensitive information

We will refrain from acquiring, using, or disclosing to a third party, any private information about political opinions, conscience (including religion, thought, and belief), accession to labour union, race and nation, family origin and registered domicile, health care and sexual life, and criminal history of a person (hereinafter "-sensitive information"- collectively) in principle except in the case when it is required by laws and regulations. If we consider it necessary to acquire, use, or disclose to a third party, the sensitive information for the purpose of proper operation of our business, we will obtain consent from the person concerned and handle such information in a strictly fair way.

Review and improvement

We will review and improve the proper measures for handling the private information and maintaining its security as required.

Disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc., of personal data under the Law concerning the Protection of Private Information

If we receive a claim for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc., of any personal data under the Law concerning the Protection of Private Information, we will transfer it to the insurance company which has the relevant data.

Response to query, consultation and complaint

We will respond promptly to any complaint or consultation about the handling of private information.
Our contact is as shown below. If we receive such a complaint or consultation, we will respond to it only after confirming the identity of the relevant person. So please understand.
*If you don't want to receive our notices by e-mail, direct mail, etc., about our new products and services, please say so to our contact.

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