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When is check-in and check-out?

Check-in/14:00, Check-out/10:00

Can we play in the "Aqua Venus" before checking in and after checking out?

Please conduct the check-in procedure at the reception desk even before the check-in time. You can enjoy the pools after doing so.Further, please bring your bath towel with you or use the rental corner. rentalbathing suits is 300yen/rental towl is 200yen.

Can infants play in the swimming pool?

When infants play in spa, please be sure to swim together with a guardian(adult). Spa in Aqua Venus is a maximum water depth of 100cm. You can use float rings in the spa. We ask that children who regularly wear diapers to wear waterproof diapers.

Is parking free?

Free parking is available for 500 cars.

About a fixtures rental

The following fixtures are lent out. Since the number is restricted, please tell us before checking in. Please consult about other fixtures.


Do you have babybed, diapers and baby food for infants?

Are yukata and sandals available?

Yukata and sandals are prepared in all rooms.